Lining of fuel tanks

A fast, easy and economical transformation of a single-wall tank to a double-wall one.

Combination of a double wall system and a leak detector prevents from environmental damages.

Long lifespan: the manufacturer specifies lifespan of the liner material of at least 20 years (supposing the tank is cleaned regularly).

Our lining system Nisa 2011 version 2014 is a solution to necessity of reconstruction a single-wall tank to a double-wall tank, according to requirements of valid legislation. It can be also used to repair a corroded double-wall tank.

The basis of the system is a flexible plastic inner liner, which is simply inserted into metal tank which was first lined with conductive non-woven fabric. The liner then serves in the tank as a second wall, qualitatively equal to the metal wall. Vacuum is established in an interspace between both the walls. The vacuum is then continually maintained and monitored, by use of a leak detector. Any leak in any of the walls is immediately detected and announced. This technology has been in use over a long period, its quality has been verified by time, and its properties have been updated regularly.

Advantages of the lining system:

  • fast installation (within one or two days)
  • resistance to all sorts of fuels (petrol, diesel, biodiesel, jets, AdBlue, ethanol)
  • inner corrosion is stopped immediately (thanks to absence of oxygen)
  • conductive treatment allows usage in Ex-zone
  • constant vacuum monitoring signalls any leak in a tank immediately


The system meets requirements of EU standard 13160-7:2016 (requirements for lining systems qualities - certificate see here) as well as of directive ATEX 2014/34/EU (requirements for workplaces and equipment used in explosive atmospheres - certificate see here). For German market, the system is approved by technical authority Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (certificate, so called Zulassung, see here.), the approval's number is Z-65.30-587.

For you to get a closer idea about the system and about lining procedure, you might watch our informative video:

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