Success of unique ETK technology: Revitalization of tanks with plastic liners

The ETK company from Jablonec nad Nisou (CZ), engaged in lining, cleaning, defectoscopy of tanks as well as in the servicing and building of petrol stations, traditionally participates in top European fairs, presenting primarily its unique technology of the revitalization of storage tanks.

Traditional fair participant

"We always participate in German fairs, be it in Stuttgart, Münster or formerly in Frankfurt," says Josef Tůma, the manager of the ETK company from Jablonec nad Nisou, which has been doing business at the Czech market since 1990.

Excellent recommendations

Thanks to its know-how in the area of applicat¬ion of plastic liners, ETK undoubtedly ranks among top European companies engaged in the revitalization of tanks. While former liners were intended for individual products, the new universal plastic line¬r can be used, thanks to certification according to the 13160-7 ATEX EU standard, for tanks not only for sto¬rage of all types of fuels, but also of ot¬her chemicals including the highly aggressive AdBlue. The unique lining system allows to con¬vert a single-shell tank into a doub¬le-shell tank, fully complying with the EU 13160-7 standard or to revitalize double-shell tanks with one shell affected by co-rrosion. The lining is very efficient, compared to the expensive exchange of tanks for new ones. Moreover, practice has demonstra¬ted that after installing the liner in the interior of the tank, the corrosion is virtually immediately stopped, as there is a vacuum in the interspace between the tank and the plastic shell.

ETK has successfully implemented the technology of plastic inside shell lining not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Great Britain, Poland, Israel, Serbia, South Africa and Slovakia. Long years of excellent recommendations have attracted the representatives of the French To¬tal who are planning to use the above stated lining technology to revitalize old tanks during the restoration of petrol stations in North Africa as well as in Germany, a country they want to re-enter.


Source: PETROLmagazín 3/2016
PR ETK - Tomáš Mikšovský
FOTO: Jiří Kaloč

DIBt certificate

We have received technical approval ("Zulassung", number Z-65.30-587) for our lining system Nisa 2011 version 2014.

The exhibition Uniti-Expo in Stuttgart

About our participation PETROLmagazín reports.

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