Revision of tanks

Regular yearly check of technological equipment of pumping stations as per ČSN-650202.

This standard applies to projection of new filling and tapping posts of inflammable liquids and heating oils, dispensing pumping stations with dispensing pumps or tapping and dispensing blocks, airport tanking stations and tanking stations for inland vessels, and it establishes the basic construction requirements upon newly designed dispensing pumps. The standard applies to projection of modifications of buildings or technological equipment of filling and tapping posts of pumping and tanking stations, namely for modified part of the object or technological equipment, with the condition that the modification must not curtail the safety of the object or equipment.

For all effected services, we shall make out prescribed inspection certificates by our revision engineer authorised to carry out such tests and inspections according to the standard ČSN. These tasks include the procurement of the construction of a public or in-house pumping station for storage and subsequent dispensing of fuels and lubricants.

  • we carry out a check of the general technical state of the equipment 
  • check of completeness of technological part of the equipment
  • check of the tank shell and piping manifold, including replacement of piping manifolds
  • we check the leaks, fittings, screwed connections and flanges
  • completeness of dispensing pump and its technical state including measuring of emissions during tapping
  • check and manufacture of recuperation of  1st and 2nd degree as per the Act No.355/2002 coll.
  • check and modernisation  of the equipment for dispensing and delivery and installation of signalisation of leaks
  • periodical revision of electric equipment of the B class according to ČSN 331500 (once in two years)
  • state of explosion safety devices of the tanks, fire protection seals and float controllers
  • measuring of efficiency of recuperation exhausters of dispensing pumps
  • check of tightness (once in 6 months) with the tanks for diesel and light heating oils, piping connections and mobile transport means according to the Act No. 254/2001 coll.
  • fastening and function of machinery

We carry them out in accordance with ČSN 753415, ČSN 650201, namely by workers with the qualifications of 1st and 2nd degrees, according to the directives of ČSN from 1992 in the branch of non-destructive testing of untightness and ultrasonic measuring of thickness of tank walls.

At the same time, we offer the liquidation of petroleum products, together with transport of dangerous waste according to the amended act (ADR) including all the permits required for the purpose.

We carry out the dismantling and liquidation of old out-of-use underground and overground tanks for petroleum products.

Moreover, we carry out coating with special paints.

DIBt certificate

We have received technical approval ("Zulassung", number Z-65.30-587) for our lining system Nisa 2011 version 2014.

The exhibition Uniti-Expo in Stuttgart

About our participation PETROLmagazín reports.

ETK foam
Animation: principle of vacuum leak detection system
Animation: principle of overpressure leak detection system

Lining of tanks, tank cleaning, service
and construction of pumping stations

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