Revision and service of indication instruments

We supply and install signalling pressure and vacuum equipment of the ASF THOMAS company, accredited by Physical-Technical Testing Institute Ostrava-Radvanice and PTB Braunschweig, for checking untightness of double-shell or single-shell lined tanks and check of double-shell piping manifolds, instruments for normal environment as well as for environment Ex. These indicating instruments provide for the detection of even minute untightness, thus preventing a possible ecologic accident.

We perform a complex of works and provide the material in relation with lining of single-shell tanks, double-shell steel and plastic pipings, including the service of instruments for indication of untightness ASF (4F,Ex17,80Ex,D9,D25,D26)

At the same time, we carry out revisions and service of these Ex instruments as the sole authorized company (by the manufacturer ASF Rietsche Thomas), which is also obligatory once in a year according to the following act and ČSN:
1. NEW WATER ACT No. 254/2001 S. 39,4/c, valid since Jan 1, 2002, and after an extensive amendment valid since Jan 23, 2004
2. ČSN 650202 S. 8.8. (ČSN 650201 S. 218. and 224., ČSN 753415 S. 9.2.)

DIBt certificate

We have received technical approval ("Zulassung", number Z-65.30-587) for our lining system Nisa 2011 version 2014.

The exhibition Uniti-Expo in Stuttgart

About our participation PETROLmagazín reports.

ETK foam
Animation: principle of vacuum leak detection system
Animation: principle of overpressure leak detection system

Lining of tanks, tank cleaning, service
and construction of pumping stations

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