Cleaning of tanks

We carry out cleaning of tanks, separators of petroleum substances, grease traps and pits and subsequent withdrawal of sludge and sediments, and their wholesome ecologic liquidation in co-operation with the companies engaged in collection and liquidation of dangerous waste matter produced by our operation. The cleaning of tanks, separators of petroleum substances, grease traps and pits is governed by technological procedures: opening the cover, airing, withdrawal of settled sludge, washing the walls, wiping the walls and the bottom dry, and  subsequent hand-over to the operator and closing the cover (lid). The purpose of cleaning is to remove the impurities settled on tank bottom and walls. The walls and bottoms of the tanks serving for diesel, petrol and light heating oils are washed with diesel, those of the tanks for aviation petrol with aviation petrol (the same substance as stored in the tank). We do not use any aggressive chemical substances for cleaning (such as e.g. degreasing agents etc.), because according to our long-time experience and opinions of experts, such substances are unsuitable for the tanks on principle!!! However, this does not go for cleaning before their repairs or retirement, or if the operator (customer) wishes to have the tank cleaned with chemical agents, observing ecological and safety regulations. The cleaning is effected in particular before a revision of storage tanks, change of the stored medium or liquidation of the storage tank. We clean accessories - filters, collecting channels, intercepting traps and heating systems. Moreover, we also carry out visual inspection with subsequent defectoscopic measuring of wall thickness, depth of corrosion attack and check of welds by non-destructive ultrasonic measuring, including tightness of tanks and adjacent technological manifolds. The quality of the welds is probed by planar defectoscopy and vacuum method. For all effected services, we shall make out a report of tank cleaning, as well as prescribed inspection certificates by our revision engineer authorised to carry out such tests and inspections according to the standard ČSN – 753415 ( 1 x in 5 years at least ).

DIBt certificate

We have received technical approval ("Zulassung", number Z-65.30-587) for our lining system Nisa 2011 version 2014.

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